Sponsor a Child: Meet our Ambassadors

Sponsor a Child: Meet our Ambassadors

With over 500 members locally, the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills brings sponsors and donors alongside members of our Club. Below  you will find a bit of information about some of the children and teens (our Club Ambassadors) who have been sponsored by members of our community. Each sponsorship will help to address key issues our members face:  living in single parent homes, the lack good nutrition and healthy habits and life skills, a safe place to go to avoid the lures of gangs and other negative behaviors and a chance to graduate on time with a career plan that is well suited for each individual member.

Our Sponsor a Child campaign has grown from 50 children and teens in the first year, 75 in the second year, and hopes for 150 in year three. We hope that you will help us to make a difference in the lives of our youth by choosing to sponsor a child!

CAN I STILL SPONSOR A CHILD?   The answer is YES!  You can still sponsor a child–as you can see, some of these Club Ambassadors do not yet have a sponsor for the 2017-2018 school year and summer of 2018.  We currently have over 500 members on our roster, and each child could benefit greatly by being sponsored by a member of our community.

The process is simple:  You can make a one time donation of $879.97, you and a friend can jointly sponsor a child, OR you can sponsor a child on a monthly basis by giving $75.00 per month.  Once you sponsor a child, you will receive a thank you letter from the child you are sponsoring and the ball starts rolling from there.  You will receive phone calls, cards and letters on special occasions and the child you sponsor will be inviting you to the Club for unique events and opportunities to spend time with him or her.  You really can change the life of a child through your generous donation.

Click here to donate $879.97 to sponsor a child for one year.  


Click here to donate $75.00 per month for 12 months to sponsor a child for one year.

The children and teens who have been sponsored were chosen based not only on need but on good attendance at school, good grades, participation at the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills and leadership and civic responsibility.  You can trust that the members we have listed below can be counted on at any time.

We thank you for considering a donation to the Sponsor a Child Program.  Your donation will make a huge impact on the lives of our members.